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Fired worker argues pot use didn't violate company policy

A Massachusetts woman who was fired by a food services company for her recreational marijuana use says she was wrongfully terminated

This Water Tastes Like Wine But Contains No…

You know how magicians sometimes have a trick where they turn water into wine? Well, one company has decided to flip that concept on its head.

The Evolution Of Video Games

Video games have influenced our culture and history since 1972. They have evolved from arcade games to consoles to online gaming and smartphones.

Researchers Develop A Way To Test For Early…

Before now, brain deterioration could only be detected once a patient had died.

IG Questions EXPOSE People’s Identity!

You know that burning question you want to ask your crush, or the low slung insult you want to hurl at your biggest enemy? DON’T DO IT USING THE NEW INSTAGRAM QUESTION FEATURE. Watch to find out why!

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Police: Drowning of NHL goalie Ray Emery not…

Police: Drowning of ex-goalie Ray Emery does not appear suspicious; call it 'case of misadventure'

Tigers Woods vs. Phil Mickelson: Would Match Be…

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are both on the decline, but a $10 million head-to-head match could be a huge draw. Would the matchup be good for golf?

WeWork takes meat off the menu at company events

Office space sharing company WeWork says it will no longer serve red or white meat at company events and also won't allow employees to charge meat to the company

Finland feels the heat during Trump-Putin summit

Never mind the responsibility of hosting a historic summit, Finland is sweating under an unusual heatwave

AP Analysis: Billionaires fuel powerful state…

Billionaires are influencing state education policy by giving money to state-level charter support organizations to sustain, defend and expand the charter schools movement across the country

Prime time: A day of deals at Amazon, and at its…

Amazon is extending its annual "Prime Day" promotion to 36 hours this year and will try to lure more deal-seekers to the aisles of Whole Foods.

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'Credible fear' for US asylum harder to prove under Trump

The Trump administration has quietly made it harder for Central Americans fleeing gangs, drug smugglers and domestic violence to qualify for asylum in the United States

Suspect in 1988 killing of Indiana girl, 8, appears in court

A judge has given prosecutors until Thursday to file formal charges against a man arrested in the 1988 slaying of an 8-year-old Indiana girl

Chocolate Milk Might Be The Best Post-Workout…

Exercise drinks are a big part of the health market, but are they better than the classic drink, chocolate milk? Keri Lumm reports on a study that says chocolate milk is the best.

Scarlett Johansson Withdraws From Playing Role Of…

Critics said the role should go to a transgender person.

UK Officials Reportedly Think GRU Agents Behind…

That's the same Russian military intelligence service that's been accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Halsey Getting PREGNANT After Tour!

Can you say awkward! Halsey opened up and said that She could get pregnant after her tour prior to her split with G Eazy! What do you think? Should she? Let us know in the comments below!

'Come Inside My Mind' explores Robin Williams' genius

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Timberwolves Should Not Wait to Trade Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler has made it clear that he does not see a future in Minnesota, so why are the Timeberwolves being so patient with him?

Couple May Divorce to Pay for Daughter's Health Care

Six-year-old Brighton Grey has a rare illness that costs her parents $15,000 a year and may force them to file for divorce, KTRK reports. Maria and Jake Grey make sure Brighton has full-time care because her rare disorder, Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, limits her vision and hearing and keeps her at...

They Left the Funeral and Picked Up Their Knives

They allegedly left the funeral and grabbed their knives and clubs, determined to exact revenge for a man's death. A slaughter followed. The BBC reports each of the 292 crocodiles that lived at a crocodile sanctuary in West Papua, Indonesia, were killed on Saturday, and it's possible the villagers who...