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How to Increase Positive Feedback When Selling on eBay


You are an eBay seller trying to make the most of your online business but your customers just don't seem to be coming back. Why? Maybe you're sabotaging your business and your positive feedback with some lazy habits. The best and most successful eBay sellers don't ignore the details, and that sets them apart. If you're seeing poor feedback and a lack of repeat buyers, you may need to kick your customer service up a notch.

Here are five ways to increase your positive feedback when you are an eBay seller:

  1. Always answer e-mail, especially from buyers with questions about an item for sale. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's amazing how many eBay sellers simply don't respond to e-mail. Think your buyers will come back for another chance? It's not likely; they'll go to another seller who actually answers their e-mail. If you don't answer their e-mail, be prepared for feedback that's less than stellar and that can lead to a drop in your feedback rating and distrust from new buyers.
  2. Always acknowledge your buyer's purchase. eBay sends out an automatic response that a buyer has won an item. But most customers would like to hear directly from the seller that their order is important. It only takes a moment to say "thanks for your payment" and it builds trust and loyalty in your customers. Most successful eBay sellers acknowledge both payment and the order right away.
  3. Always let customers know when their items ship, and ship items immediately. Most sellers send a notice, even if it's automatic from UPS or the post office, that an item has shipped. Don't make your buyers write to you. Take a moment to let them know when the items ship and how to track them or you may find more negative than positive feedback from your buyers.
  4. Always be fair about shipping charges. Shipping is expensive, that's true, but when many retailers are offering free shipping and you're charging $20 for a package that weighs less than a pound, that's exorbitant, and buyers will remember that and stay away from your auctions. Shipping is among the topics that generate the most complaints among eBay buyers, so you can be sure that overcharging will show up in your feedback.
  5. Always package your items professionally. Nothing is worse than waiting for an item only to find the shipping container ripped and the item ruined. Accidents happen, but if you use a flimsy cardboard shoebox instead of an adequate shipping container, expect to bear the brunt of your buyers' negative feedback.

Most of these examples are so easy to do there's no reason to ignore them. With the economy in flux and fewer eBay buyers to go around, a savvy seller will work harder to find and keep loyal customers. They know the details are important, they get them right, and that sets them apart from the average eBay sellers. If you want your eBay business to succeed and grow, take care of your customers and you'll see your business pick up.

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