The Latest: White House supports better…

The White House says President Donald Trump supports efforts to improve the federal gun background check system after a school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people

Shooting survivor calls NRA 'child murderers'

After a school shooting left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida, survivors Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg are demanding action from officials in Washington on gun control.

EPA's Scott Pruitt Calls Off Israel Trip After…

Pruitt has recently come under fire for his habit of flying first class.

Rick Gates Reportedly Plans To Plead Guilty…

The Los Angeles Times reports the former Trump campaign aide will plead guilty to fraud-related charges "within the next few days."

Turkey warns it may hit Syrian troops in Kurdish…

Turkey threatens to hit back at Syrian pro-government troops if they deploy to northern, Kurdish enclave

AP Exclusive: Key EU banker accused of bribery…

Financial corruption and Russian money laundering has come right to the front door of the powerful European Central Bank, which oversees monetary policy for 19 countries _ all from the tiny country of Latvia.

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What Trump thinks about his predecessors

President Trump talks about former presidents a lot. Sometimes he compliments them. Sometimes he uses their legacy to make a point.

John Kasich Says He Doesn't Think Congress Will…

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told CNN's "State of the Union" that he doesn't think Congress will do much of anything to change the federal gun policy.

Trump Links Russia Probe To Florida School…

He suggested a failure by the FBI to investigate a tip is due to its efforts investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Doctors blast Trump's mental illness focus to…

The U.S. medical community is voicing mounting frustration over the Trump administration's focus on mental illness to fight mass violence

Nevada's Heller warming to Trump before primary

Nevada's Heller warms to Trump as he fends off a primary challenge from the right

Big K.R.I.T. opens up about the price of fame

Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. tells CNN's #GetPolitical about the inspiration behind his double album, "4eva is a Mighty Long Time."

Other Candidates May Have Been Helped By Russian…

An indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller shows Russian agents supported Bernie Sanders and eventually Jill Stein, as well as Donald Trump.

What A Trump Appointment Could Mean For This Anti…

Currently, the Office on Violence Against Women has a stand-in director but not a president-appointed one.

Trump backs efforts to bolster FBI gun checks

President Donald Trump offered support Monday for an effort to strengthen the federal gun background check system, as he hunkered down at his private Florida golf course just 40 miles from the site of last week's deadly school shooting

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Former AP photographer Max Desfor dies at 104

Max Desfor, former AP photographer who won Pulitzer for Korean War photos, dies at 104

Trump praised Oprah as potential candidate in 1999

In a 1999 interview with CNN, Donald Trump called Oprah Winfrey a "great woman" and said she would be his first choice for a running mate.

The Run-Up To Mitt Romney's Senate Bid Has Been…

And some of it has to do with President Donald Trump.

Why Is Mitt Romney Running For The US Senate In…

The former governor of Massachusetts actually has some deep ties to Utah.

Israeli gas company announces $15B export deal with Egypt

An Israeli energy company has announced a $15 billion deal to supply natural gas to Egypt, in the largest export agreement to date for Israel's nascent natural gas industry

Catalan politicians in Spanish court in secession…

A Spain Supreme Court judge set bail Monday for a prominent Catalan politician who faced possible jailing during the ongoing investigation of people involved in the Catalonia region's push for independence last year

Carpenter: America 'less safe' if no gun fix

On State of the Union, our panel of Bakari Sellers, Jennifer Granholm, Amanda Carpenter and Andre Bauer discuss gun control in the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting.

Rhode Island GOP state senator charged with extorting sex

An unsealed grand jury indictment accuses a Republican state senator of extorting sex from a page in the Rhode Island Senate page program

Religious protests against gay films show divide…

Religious protesters in Romania have disrupted the screening of two movies in Bucharest, saying they violate traditional values in this East European country

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GOP donor: No money if no action on guns

Major Republican donor Al Hoffman Jr. tells CNN's Ana Cabrera that he will withhold money to candidates that do not support a ban on assault weapons.

Trump revives push for limits on immigrants bringing family

The family reunification system that has been central to U.S. immigration law for half a century is suddenly facing talk of a complete overhaul thanks to President Donald Trump

Eurogroup endorses Spanish fin min for senior ECB…

Eurozone finance ministers have endorsed their Spanish counterpart Luis de Guindos for the coveted post of European Central Bank vice president, after Ireland withdrew the only other candidate