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15 still missing after tourist boat sinks in…

Scuba divers continued Monday searching for bodies in a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin where a tourist boat packed with more than 150 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized,

Portugal airline chief complains of drone near-misses

The head of Portugal's national airline says he is considering asking authorities to order that all drones in the country be grounded, following a series of near-misses with commercial aircraft

Eric Shawn reports: Get the fugitives back from…

Terrorist victim's son Jow Connor and his plea to President Trump

Iconic Mummified Toe Used in Cocktails Returned…

Believe it or not, the signature drink at the Downtown Hotel in Canada is made with a mummified toe... and it was stolen. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).

Qatari Spokesman: 'No Good American' Would Allow…

The U.S. has sent mixed messaging on its stance.

N Ireland party signs deals to support UK…

The leader of a Northern Ireland-based party has struck a 1.5 billion pound ($1.9 billion) deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives to support her minority government in a crucial vote on her legislative package later this week

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Coal on the rise in China, US, India after major…

China, the United States and India have been ramping up coal mining in 2017, making an abrupt departure from last year's record global declines for the heavily-polluting fuel

Oil tanker fire kills at least 153 in Pakistan

Kitty Logan reports on deadly highway crash

Italian Airport Now Allows Larger Amount of this…

The airport in the Italian city of Genoa is allowing people to carry up to 17oz of this one liquid on flights. Jose Sepulveda(@josesepulvedatv) has more.

Thousands Evacuated In London As More Buildings…

The U.K. is evacuating residents of several residential buildings after officials found cladding that had failed fire safety tests.

Pakistan raises death toll to 157 from fuel truck…

Pakistan death toll from massive fuel truck fire rises to 157; many still in critical condition

Vatican worries about 'forcibly removed' bishop in China

The Vatican is expressing "grave concern" for a Chinese bishop who was "forcibly removed" from his office some weeks ago

Eric Shawn reports: The US vs Russia vs Iran vs…

Amb. John Bolton on Trump administration strategy after ISIS is defeated

Yemen's Cholera Outbreak Is Only Getting Worse

UNICEF and the World Health Organization say Yemen is currently facing the world's worst cholera outbreak, with over 200,000 suspected cases.

South Sudan censors newspapers, hampers press in civil war

As South Sudan's civil war creates the world's largest refugee crisis and widespread allegations of sexual violence and ethnic cleansing, journalists charge the government is restricting their ability to report the news

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Jewish group cancels meeting with Netanyahu in…

Jewish group cancels event with Netanyahu to protest decision to scrap plans for mixed-gender prayer area at Western Wall

Car plows into Muslim worshippers

Female driver in police custody

Most Of England's Cops Don't Carry Guns — But…

Police chiefs in Great Britain will discuss arming more of their officers in response to a string of recent terrorist attacks.

Rhino breeder in South Africa plans online auction of horn

A rhino breeder in South Africa plans an online auction of rhino horn, capitalizing on a court ruling that opened the way to domestic trade despite an international ban

Back to Switzerland for Cyprus peace deal talks

It's back to Switzerland for Cyprus peace talks

Tensions heat up between former Cold War rivals

Russia says they'll target U.S. planes in Syria after U.S. shoots down Syrian jet

The UK's Parliament Has Been Hit By A Cyberattack

The attempted hack came the same week a British newspaper reported Russian hackers had traded officials' passwords online.

China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate given medical…

Imprisoned Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate and dissident Liu Xiaobo has been transferred to a hospital after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer

Garbage crisis hits Greek capital over job freeze

Greece's government is urging striking garbage collectors to return to work after a 10-day protest has left huge piles of trash around Athens and public health concerns

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Analyzing potential US policy options on North…

Heritage Foundation East Asia expert Dean Cheng provides insight

Qatar Receives List Of Demands It Must Meet To…

Qatar is reviewing a list of demands from four nations that have imposed sanctions against it — but the country says the demands aren't fair.

China sentences 16 from Australia's Crown Resorts…

Officials say a Chinese court has sentenced 16 Australian and Chinese employees of a casino company to nine to 10 months in prison after they pleaded guilty to gambling-related charges