How FDR rallied a reeling nation to win a global…

Fox News travels to the home and library of our 32nd president to examine Franklin D. Roosevelt's incredible power of persuasion.

Kerry criticizes Trump's threats to North Korea…

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Louisiana parish leaders vote to oust Confederate monument

Local officials have voted to remove a Confederate monument from the courthouse grounds in a northwest Louisiana parish

Killer of Navajo Nation girl set to get life…

A man who pleaded guilty to murder and sexual assault in the death of an 11-year-old girl on the largest American Indian reservation is set to be sentenced

Hawaii boat crash spurs new concerns about…

A boat that ran aground off Honolulu while transporting foreign fishermen to work in Hawaii's commercial fishing industry has raised new questions about the safety and working conditions for foreign laborers in this unique U.S. fleet

Somalia's death toll rises again to 358 as…

Somalia's death toll rises again to 358 as thousands pray; US drone strike targets al-Shabab

UN says 2 peacekeepers wounded in Central African Republic

The UN says two peacekeepers have been wounded in Central African Republic with mostly Christian anti-Balaka militias who attacked the southern town of Pombolo

ICE Mistakenly Detains Innocent Man

After entering a private residence, ICE federal agents targeted a worker in the house and detained him. While ICE later released the man, an investigation has been launched to look into the incident.

Get the iPhone X ASAP

Five tips to get the Apple's new iPhone on launch day before it goes out of stock.

Oxbridge uncovered: Students on diversity

Data shows Oxbridge is moving backwards in elitism terms, so what do Oxford and Cambridge students feel?

The New York Times - What Happens Before a…

From The New York Times: Take a tour of Christie’s New York during the frenetic days and hours leading up to an auction, where you'll find a few dragons, an art handler who loves raves and an auctioneer with a predilection for Humpty Dumpty.By: By MAE RYAN, EUGENE YI and COLIN ARCHDEACON. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Suze Orman Has a New Retirement Rule, and You're…

One of the most popular segments on my CNBC show was "How Am I Doing?" Viewers would call in and tell me everything about their finances and wait for me to judge whether their retirement plan made the grade. Typically the central question was if they

Paul Ryan shows off comedic chops roasting Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan joked about President Trump at the 72nd Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday. The panel discusses.

Woody Harrelson and Rob Reiner talk LBJ

LBJ premieres in theaters on November 3rd.

Harvey Weinstein Accusations: Will it Lead to a…

As Hollywood deals with the fallout from allegations of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein, Kim Strassel, Heather McGee and Kasie Hunt discuss the implications for campuses and the halls of Congress.

KFC Follows Only 11 People on Twitter and it's…

KFC is selectively following 11 people on Twitter and one user was able to figure out its genuisness! Buzz60's Djenane Beaulieu (@djenanebeaulieu) has the scoop.

The Latest: Sanders says Wilson is 'all hat, no…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders criticizes Democratic congresswoman who clashed with the president: 'As we say in the south: All hat, no cattle.'

Women, did you serve? Memorial needs $$ at 20th…

A national memorial to military women is celebrating its 20th anniversary

Q&A on the GOP effort to overhaul the nation's…

Divided Republicans in Congress are tackling an ambitious overhaul of the nation's tax system that would deeply cut levies for corporations and double the standard deduction used by most average Americans

Suspect in Ohio slayings of 4 pleads not guilty…

A man suspected in the deadly Ohio shootings of a 7-year-old boy and three other relatives and a related non-fatal stabbing has pleaded not guilty to numerous charges including aggravated murder and attempted murder

Your Ticket To The Super Bowl Might Cost $0

The NFL is handing out free tickets to its championship game. The average Super Bowl ticket generally sells on the secondary market for thousands.

G7 backs internet industry effort to detect…

The Group of Seven industrialized nations have thrown their support behind a new technology industry alliance aimed at detecting and blunting online propaganda to combat extremism on the internet

Flotation therapy gains a new following

Flotation therapy gains a new following