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Global Internet Security Alerts

  • Backdoor:W32/Havex
    Havex is a Remote Access Tool (RAT) used in targeted attacks. Once present on a machine, it scans the system and connected resources for information that may be of use in later attacks; the collected data is forwarded to remote servers.
  • Application:W32/InstallBrain
    InstallBrain is an updater service that runs in the background and periodically updates associates browser plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Trojan:HTML/Browlock
    Trojan:HTML/Browlock is ransomware that prevents users from accessing the infected machine's Desktop; it then demands payment, supposedly for either possession of illegal material or usage of illegal software.
  • Trojan-Downloader:W32/Mevade
    Trojan-Downloader:W32/Mevade.A reportedly downloads adware onto the affected system.

Virus Activity

The World Map is a visual tool for presenting geographically grouped summaries of known virus infections.

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Safety Tip

Unsolicited E-Mail When you receive e-mail advertisements or other unsolicited e-mail, do not open attachments in them or follow web links quoted in them.

Security Terms


A simple data file containing information related to a website visitor's activities. The information contained in the cookie can include such details as the user's site preferences, contents of their electronic carts and so on.

Most websites a user visits will save its own cookie onto the visitor's computer system, and then retrieve it when the same visitor returns to the website at a later date, so that the user can continue their previous activities on the website with minimal disruption.

Some cookies may also track the user's movements across various websites, raising concerns about privacy invasion and information security. Some users may opt to totally or selectively accept cookies, though some websites will not function correctly if cookies are not accepted.

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