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Global Internet Security Alerts

  • Trojan:W32/BandarChor
    Trojan:W32/BandarChor is ransomware that steals control of the user's machine or data, then demands a payment from the user to restore normal access to the ransomed content or system.
  • Adware:W32/Superfish
    Adware:W32/Superfish is a program pre-installed on some Lenovo consumer laptop models that surreptitiously inserts advertisements into webpages by either injecting JavaScript into non-encrypted web traffic or, for encrypted traffic, by using a self-signed root certificate that misrepresents itself as the official certificate of the website being viewed.
  • CTB-Locker
    CTB-Locker is ransomware that encrypts files on the affected machine and demands payment in return for the decryption key needed to restore access to the files.
  • Exploit:SWF/CVE-2014-0515
    Exploit:SWF/CVE-2014-0515 is an exploit for the CVE-2014-8439 vulnerability found in unpatched versions of Adobe Flash Player.

Virus Activity

The World Map is a visual tool for presenting geographically grouped summaries of known virus infections.

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Safety Tip

Show File Extensions Configure Windows to always show file extensions. In Windows 2000, this is done through Explorer via the Tools menu: Tools/Folder Options/View - and uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types". This makes it more difficult to for a harmful file (such as an EXE or VBS) to masquerade as a harmless file (such as TXT or JPG).

Security Terms

Browser Helper Object

A browser plug-in specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

A Browser Helper Object (BHO) executes automatically every time the browser is launched and may pose a security risk if they track the user's browsing behavior without authorization, are poorly written and inadvertently introduce security risks into the system, or are specifically designed to perform malicious actions (e.g. silently downloading malware onto the system).

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