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Global Internet Security Alerts

  • Trojan:W32/NomadSnore
    Trojan:W32/NomadSnore is ransomware that encrypts files stored on the affected machine, then demands payment of a ransom in order to decrypt the files. It is notable for being the first ransomware to be written entirely in JavaScript.
  • Trojan:W32/Dllpatcher.A
    Trojan:W32/Dllpatcher modifies the dnsapi.dll file Windows module to point to a new hosts file it creates, which contains additional hostnames and IP addresses.
  • Backdoor: Java/Adwind
    Backdoor:Java/Adwind is a Java archive (.JAR) file that drops a malicious component onto the machines and runs as a backdoor. When active, it is capable of stealing user information and may also be used to distribute other malware.
  • Worm: W32/Ippedo
    The detection Worm:W32/Ippedo identifies the malicious shortcut (.LNK) files used by the Ippedo worm to lure users into unwittingly launching its malicious code.

Virus Activity

The World Map is a visual tool for presenting geographically grouped summaries of known virus infections.

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Safety Tip

Usenet Newsgroups Avoid downloading files from public newsgroups (Usenet news). These are often used by virus writers to distribute their new viruses.

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