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Global Internet Security Alerts

  • Trojan:W32/BandarChor
    Trojan:W32/BandarChor is ransomware that steals control of the user's machine or data, then demands a payment from the user to restore normal access to the ransomed content or system.
  • Adware:W32/Superfish
    Adware:W32/Superfish is a program pre-installed on some Lenovo consumer laptop models that surreptitiously inserts advertisements into webpages by either injecting JavaScript into non-encrypted web traffic or, for encrypted traffic, by using a self-signed root certificate that misrepresents itself as the official certificate of the website being viewed.
  • CTB-Locker
    CTB-Locker is ransomware that encrypts files on the affected machine and demands payment in return for the decryption key needed to restore access to the files.
  • Exploit:SWF/CVE-2014-0515
    Exploit:SWF/CVE-2014-0515 is an exploit for the CVE-2014-8439 vulnerability found in unpatched versions of Adobe Flash Player.

Virus Activity

The World Map is a visual tool for presenting geographically grouped summaries of known virus infections.

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Safety Tip

Double File Extensions Never open attachments with double file extensions such as NAME.BMP.EXE or NAME.TXT.VBS

Security Terms


A computer system or server that is connected to the Internet and has been infected with specialized malware that allows the attacker to use the machine's resources.

A bot-infected system will often be harnessed into a botnet, or a collection of similarly infected machines. The collective resources of the botnet can be used to perform a variety of malicious actions, including launching DDoS attacks or sending out spam.

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