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'Friend' Admits Killing Former State Senator

A former campaign aide whom associates said was a "good friend" of the Sen. Linda Collins has been sentenced to 54 years in prison.

Walmart Makes An Exciting Announcement

Walmart's latest move is among of the newest reminders that 2020 is one of the strangest years in recent memory, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

'Nostradamus Of Presidential Elections' Names…

It's possible we may not know the results of the presidential race for weeks after Nov. 3 ... or this very moment, if you want to believe Allan Lichtman's prediction.

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With Cases Surging, Here Are 8 Things To Avoid

As the coronavirus death toll continues to rise, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently outlined 8 activities people should avoid.

Horrifying New Details Emerge In Case Of Dead…

The day after JJ Vallow was last seen, his mom, Lori, told a friend that he had been "acting like a zombie."

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy for Ren & Stimpy Fans

Get ready for another reboot: Comedy Central is reimagining the Emmy-nominated animated series Ren & Stimpy , a cult favorite that aired for five seasons on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. The show featured a psychotic Chihuahua named Ren and his not-too-bright feline friend, Stimpy, who got in all sorts of trouble—...

Cardinals’ game against Cubs postponed after…

The Cardinals’ game Friday against the Chicago Cubs was postponed after another St. Louis player tested positive for COVID-19

Face only a mother could love

You may never sleep after this.

Megan Thee Stallion Is Planning a Black Lives…

Megan Thee Stallion Is Planning a Black Lives Matter Song. The rap sensation has teased fans that she is hoping to drop her first LP by the end of the summer as long as "things go according to plan.". She has also revealed that she wants to address the recent anti-racism protests around the world on a future track. I feel like everything that's going on right now, if it hasn't moved you to speak out or try to make some type of difference, then something might be slightly wrong with you, Megan Thee Stallion, to 'Variety'. Even though I haven't already come out with a song with that messaging, I definitely plan on it, Megan Thee Stallion, to 'Variety'

A Grim COVID Prediction, With One Hopeful Piece…

Winter will soon be coming, and with it, some not-great news, according to a prominent model with a new prediction on COVID-19 deaths. While Johns Hopkins documents more than 160,100 deaths so far in the US from the coronavirus, the "forecast totals 295,011 deaths by December," reads a...

New York Sues To Dissolve The NRA

New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced she will attempt to dissolve the NRA. The NRA, or National Rifle Association, has been accused of breaking the law, says CNN. It's senior leadership is accused of violating laws governing non-profit groups. They are also accused of using millions from the organization's reserves for personal use and tax fraud. James has alleged that current and former NRA leadership "instituted a culture of self-dealing mismanagement". This culture benefited themselves, family, friends, and favored vendors. This led the organization to "lose" more than $63 million in three years.

Gold Medalist Cullen Jones teaches water safety

AccuWeather's Dexter Henry spoke with U.S. Olympian Cullen Jones, who is playing a roll to educate Americans about water safety.

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Odd Man Rush

Trailer for 'Odd Man Rush' starring Dylan Playfair, Elektra Jansson-Kilbey, Trevor Gretzky, Caspar Phillipson, Kazy Tauginas

US Sanctions Hong Kong Leader

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is facing US sanctions amid accusations that she's working with China to limit political freedoms. Lam is "directly responsible for implementing Beijing's policies of suppression of freedom and democratic processes," the Treasury Department said in a Friday statement. It cited Lam's push "to allow for...

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The Race Appears to Be Tightening

Joe Biden is still ahead in the polls, but his lead appears to be shrinking. The average of polls at RealClearPolitics has Biden up by 6.4 points, down from 9 points a few weeks ago, reports Bloomberg . Coverage: Briefings: Trump's new campaign chief, Bill Stepien, credits the bump to...

Comedian Andy Dick sues man who punched him in…

Comedian Andy Dick has filed a lawsuit in New Orleans against a man who punched him last year outside a French Quarter nightclub

Badly burned dog devotes life to helping other…

A dog who was badly burned in a fire is now helping others who’ve suffered similar tragedies.

Mortgage Rates Fall to a Record Low Rate for 8th…

Mortgage Rates Fall , to a Record Low Rate for 8th Time in 2020. The average interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell to 2.88 percent last week. Just a year ago, the rate for the same mortgage averaged 3.6 percent. For a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, the average rate fell to 2.44 percent last week. Rates were pushed lower by unprecedented national unemployment, as well as a delay in a new stimulus package. Though interest rates have fallen to record lows, homebuyers are struggling to find homes on the market. [The home shortage] is leading to a frenzied environment of multiple bids, price escalation clauses and inspection waivers, George Ratiu, via MarketWatch. At this pace, tighter lending standards and low inventory will squeeze housing activity and we will see a substantial slow down in sales in the second half of this year, George Ratiu, via Market Watch

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New Book of Bush Paintings Is an 'Emotional' One

We've known for a while that George W. Bush took up painting after leaving the White House, but it's been some time since his art has made headlines. That's about to change with Out of Many, One: Portraits of America's Immigrants , a new book by Bush due out in March...

Nintendo Surges With A 428% Profit Spike

Nintendo surged as much as 6% on Thursday, reports Business Insider. The video game company said first-quarter earnings soared 428% while sales more than doubled. Video game companies have seen a surge in business since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Consumers are looking to entertain and distract themselves while sheltering in place. Driving the strength in Nintendo's business included growing demand for its Nintendo Switch. The popular software hit "Animal Crossing: New Horizon" is a major draw for buyers.