UK Labour contest down to 4 contenders after…

One of the five contenders to lead Britain’s main opposition Labour Party dropped out of the race on Tuesday after struggling to build momentum behind her campaign

Eating Disorders Aren’t What You Think

The Academy of Eating Disorders has released a list of things they say people should know about eating disorders. Here are the top 6. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Stringr Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify

Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify Based on what type of pet you own, 'Spotify for Pets' will make a list of tunes. @SpotifyNews, via Twitter As of now, the feature is available for cats, dogs and birds. You can also use it if you own a hamster or iguana. Spotify says it conducted an online survey with pet owners across the globe. The streamer found that most believe music helps pets with stress and makes them happier. It also recorded that over 70 percent of owners play tunes just for their pet. Nearly 20 percent even named their pet after a musician or band.

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Lawyer: Michael Avenatti too isolated in jail to…

An attorney for Michael Avenatti says his client cannot properly prepare for his extortion trial while he is housed in drug kingpin El Chapo's chilly former cell

Americans Are Binge Drinking More

Adults in the United States who binge drink have significantly increased their alcohol intake in recent years. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Stringr Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Stringr Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Stringr Clip8-Stringr

OKC Thunder: Beating Rockets was the win of the year

Millennial Money: Mastering the awkward financial talk

Life is full of uncomfortable conversations, including talks that involve money

Password Sharing May Be A Streaming Crisis

Still, using your college roommates Netflix? You're not alone. Password sharing for streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon has become the norm. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Stringr Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Stringr Clip8-Shutterstock

David Boren out at foundation

Supreme Court rejects fast-track review of health…

The Supreme Court is refusing to consider a fast-track review of a lawsuit that threatens the Obama-era health care law

Post Pot Use May Still Affect Your Driving

Everyone knows that driving under the influence can result in impairments and can lead to serious injuries, but a recent study found that weed can affect your driving even when you're not high. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Stringr Clip4-Stringr Clip5-Stringr Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

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US stocks slip following Asian sell-off on virus…

US stocks are slipping Tuesday in the first trading day of a holiday-shortened week, following up on losses around the world as worries deepened about a virus outbreak in China

Parents Can Help Their Sleep-Deprived Teens

A new study reveals that parents can play a crucial role in helping their teens get more rest. Clip1-Stringr Clip2-Stringr Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Stringr Clip8-Shutterstock

California considers declaring common pain killer…

California is considering whether to label one of the United States' most common drugs a carcinogen

Plant-Based Fast Food Is Not Healthier

Plant-based meats have been taking over grocery store aisles, and are marketed as healthy alternatives to traditional meats. Clip1-Stringr Clip2-Stringr Clip3-Stringr Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Stringr Clip6-Stringr Clip7-Stringr Clip8-Stringr

Cold temps increase fire risks

Central banks join to study possible digital…

Some of the world's most influential central banks are joining together to study possible digital currencies

Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate…

Spain’s new government has declared a national climate emergency, taking a formal first step toward enacting ambitious measures to fight climate change

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Belarus starts importing oil from Norway after…

Belarus has started importing oil from Norway after its main oil provider, Russia, suspended supplies earlier this month amid stalled talk on further strengthening economic ties between two countries