Loan program ends, hard-hit businesses hope for…

Small businesses are in limbo again as the coronavirus outbreak rages and the government’s $659 billion relief program draws to a close

Republicans break ranks over Covid-19 - Subtitled

Twitter Advises Android Users to Update App to…

Twitter Advises Android Users to Update App to Stop Hackers From Accessing Private Info . Twitter made the announcement via blog post. We recently discovered and fixed a vulnerability in Twitter for Android related to an underlying Android OS security issue affecting OS versions 8 and 9. Our understanding is 96% of people using Twitter for Android already have an Android security patch installed that protects them from this vulnerability. , Twitter, via blog post. For the other 4%, this vulnerability could allow an attacker, through a malicious app installed on your device, to access private Twitter data on your device (like Direct Messages) by working around Android system permissions that protect against this, Twitter, via blog post. To keep your Twitter data safe, please update to the latest version of Twitter for Android on all Android devices that you use to access Twitter. This issue did not impact Twitter for iOS or, Twitter, via blog post. The announcement comes just days after hackers viewed the private messages of 36 accounts

UK to spend millions to ease Brexit red tape for…

The British government has pledged up 355 million pounds ($465 million) to help businesses in Northern Ireland deal with red tape caused by Brexit

COVID-19: Education Losses_LONG

The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to end early, but the rapidly approaching school year has many worried about educational achievement gaps. Video included sound from Dr. Karen Rambo-Hernandez a professor at Texas A&M and Dr. Jim Soland a research fellow for NWEA.

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Ohio governor’s COVID-19 results show tests imperfections

The Ohio governor's positive-then-negative test results for the coronavirus serve as a reminder that no test is definitive

World's Fastest Supercomputer Joins the Fight…

World's Fastest Supercomputer Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 Japan's Fugaku supercomputer recently surpassed a U.S. IBM machine as the world's fasted computer. Now, it's being used to help tackle the global health crisis. Satoshi Matsuoka, head of Riken Center for Computational Science, commented about the computer's capabilities. Satoshi Matsuoka, via statement Fugaku is already being used to develop a better understanding of how coronavirus can be halted in specific environments such as office spaces. Researchers hope it will help to identify potential treatments for the disease in 2021. Fugaku is able to carry out 2.8 times more calculations per second than the IBM computer known as Summit.

US sanctions pro-China leader of Hong Kong, other…

The U.S. is imposing sanctions on pro-China officials in Hong Kong, including the leader of the government, for their alleged roles in squashing freedom in the former British colony

Reduce Anxiety With Gratitude

People who express gratitude are less likely to feel anxious or depressed.

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Adobe Officially Confirms the End of Flash Player

Adobe Officially Confirms the End of Flash Player In 2017, the computer software company announced it would cease to produce updates for the Flash Player. Now, Adobe has confirmed that the flash player will no longer be supported after December 31. Adobe, via statement Adobe gave three years' notice to Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft so they could "migrate existing Flash content as needed to new, open standards."

Turkish lira hits another historic low amid…

Turkey’s currency has tumbled further, hitting another record low The Turkish lira dropped to 7.3677 against the dollar Friday before making a recovery

Flying During COVID-19

Americans are feeling unsafe about getting on a plane during a pandemic.

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Xbox Celebrates Pride Month With $250K Donation…

Xbox Celebrates Pride Month With $250K Donation and More In addition to the donation, Microsoft is "honoring" Pride month by unveiling plans for its gaming division, including a curated list of inclusive titles across both its console and PC collections. Microsoft store category manager Garron Ballard provided updates via the Xbox website. Garron Ballard, via Xbox website Garron Ballard, via Xbox website He also addressed the company's gaming roster, and revealed these titles will be highlighted throughout the month. Garron Ballard, via Xbox website Garron Ballard, via Xbox website

China sentences fourth Canadian to death on drug…

China has sentenced a fourth Canadian citizen to death on drug charges in less than two years following a sharp downturn in ties over the arrest of an executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei

Parsley vs Cilantro

Both parsley are cilantro are good for you, but which one should you eat?

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Facebook Allows Users to Turn off Political Ads

Facebook Allows Users to Turn off Political Ads Mark Zuckerberg announced that the app will give people the choice to mute ads promoting parties they are not interested in. Mark Zuckerberg, via 'USA Today' The social network's sister app, Instagram, will also have this function. It's currently rolling out in the U.S., but it will be made available in other countries later this year.

The Latest: California tops 10,000 virus deaths…

California has surpassed 10,000 deaths from the coronavirus, making it the U.S. state with the third-highest deaths since the start of the pandemic

The Best Fruit For Health

A list of several fruits that have the best health benefits.

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Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020

Free PlayStation Plus Games for June 2020 According to 'Forbes,' 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' and 'Call Of Duty: WWII' are available next month free of charge. They follow 'Cities: Skylines' and 'Farming Simulator 19,' which dropped in May and can be downloaded until June 1. 'Battlefront' and 'Call of Duty' are first-person competitive shooters in completely different settings. They will be available to play until July 6. EA's 'Battlefront II' puts you in various scenarios from the legendary 'Star Wars' film series. Gamers can choose to play on the sides of the Empire and First Order or take part in the Resistance. In Sledgehammer Games' 'Call of Duty,' take part in multiple missions across Europe inspired by historical events. Besides the standard story mode, you can also switch over to multiplayer.

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Wall Street stalls; S&P 500 drifts after 5-day…

Wall Street's big rally is stalling on Friday, despite a better-than-expected report on the U.S. jobs market, amid worries about rising U.S.-China tensions and whether Washington can deliver more aid for the economy

End of The Convention As We Know It?

Especially in the days of television, some of the biggest events in the political calendar have been the prime time Democratic and Republican political conventions. But, this year, the structure of the extravaganzas have changed significantly due to Coronavirus concerns. Experts say, this may not be all bad, in fact, of all events facing a shake up because of the pandemic, political conventions may be best suited for change. 0.22 Alex Vogel: CEO Vogel Group "In modern politics, conventions really had become well produced tv shows. bump to "You will not longer have those amazing shots of delegates swarming around the floor, I think they will be able to produce some of that digitally' Experts argue, in the modern climate, conventions were already less relevant than they had been in the past. Robert Shapiro, Columbia University, 0.40 "The conventions tend to be more publicity shows than substantive events." That's the impact it may have on the viewing public, but what of the parties? Lawrence Tabas, Chair PA GOP 0.50 "It would be nice to have a great convention like we had in Cleveland and the excitement from it, but we will be able to recreate that on many different levels. Jaime Harrison, US Senate Candidate South Carolina 0.57 " A lot of folks look forward to conventions every four years and I'm one of them, But you know, this year we just have to do it differently." And as for the rising stars of the party who normally come to prominence during a convention, it's likely they will still have their moment in the sun. Alex Vogel, CEO Vogel Group 1.17 "Both parties have used conventions, both to highlight their bench, and also to use that as an opportunity to have new voices get the message across and I think that would be no difference in this context at all. And some experts even venture to say, that the lack of delegates may make it easier to toe the party line. Vogel 1.34 In many ways, putting on a convention is a lot easier when you don't have thousands of delegates and the unpredictable nature of human behavior to deal with." While the big crowds, falling balloons, and patriotic music are going by the wayside, it's certain that both parties are working hard to put on a great show.

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