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Charles Barkley's Family Feud Answer Is Head-Scratching

Newser — Josh Gardner

Charles Barkley appeared on Celebrity Family Feud with fellow members of TNT's Inside the NBA on Sunday, and one of his answers has people wondering what on Earth he was thinking, Fox News reports.

In their bid to beat the opposing team of former MLB stars, Barkley and company were asked by host Steve Harvey: "If a man’s zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up?” The 55-year-old's answer, in his signature deep southern drawl, was "a child."

The response elicited groans from both sides of the stage, including Barkley's teammate and fellow former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal. Barkley quickly clarified, and in the process looked stranger still. "I meant a baby!” he explained.

In a win for Barkley, however, his team was awarded points by judges who thought his answer was close enough to "People" when it appeared in the sixth position on the game board.

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