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Escaped Jaguar Goes On Killing Spree in US Zoo

Newser — Neal Colgrass

Staff members at a New Orleans zoo are grieving Saturday after a jaguar escaped its confines and killed six animals, the Times-Picayune reports. How the Audubon Zoo's 3-year-old jaguar got out at 7:20am is unclear, but it killed four alpaca, an emu, and a fox before being captured and returned to its night house about an hour later.

The jaguar was kept in a glass-fronted "Jaguar Jungle" exhibit along with a 21-year-old jaguar. The alpacas (South American camelids similar to llamas) are part of the same exhibit along with bats, red-eyed tree frogs, giant cave roaches, and night owl monkeys, among other creatures.

"We care for these animals every day," says Kyle Burks, a top official at the zoo, per CNN. "We close the zoo today to help our team mourn."

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