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Who's Ready for Blizzard Conditions?

Newser — Arden Dier

Get your snow boots ready. A "potentially historic" winter storm is expected over the next several days in the north-central part of the country, which could see record low temperatures and up to two feet of snow, USA Today reports.

Parts of Washington state, northern Idaho, and western Montana were hammered earlier this week, with up to two feet of snow reported in one part of Montana.

But with Winter Storm Aubrey moving in from the Rockies, Wyoming, Colorado, the Dakotas, northwestern Nebraska, and northwestern Minnesota are expected to see some white stuff, too.

Snowfall will spread Thursday and pick up Friday into Saturday, with the risk of "near-blizzard to full-fledged blizzard conditions" in parts of central and eastern North Dakota and along the Minnesota border, reports

Parts of northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan could feel the effects into Saturday and Sunday. The storm—of a size and intensity "unheard of for October," according to AccuWeather—could also bring the first snowfall of the season to Minneapolis and Denver, which saw temperatures plummet from the low 80s to the upper 20s overnight.

Heavy rain is expected farther south and in parts of New England.

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