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Banned South Park Episode Joins Hong Kong Protests

Newser — Bob Cronin

"Band in China," the South Park episode that the government disappeared from the internet in China, was given a street showing in Hong Kong this week.

Photos on social media showed a crowd watching in the Sham Shui Po district, per the Hollywood Reporter. As with other events during the pro-democracy demonstrations, it wasn't clear who was responsible for the Tuesday evening entertainment.

Journalist Kong Tsung-gan posted that it drew a "large & appreciative audience," adding, "Street cinema’s been yet another important facet of #HK protest." After watching the episode, one user wrote in a forum for protesters, "I am laughing with tears in my eyes."

Wednesday night's episode, the 300th for the series, addressed the banning, per CNET.

At one point in "Shots," a character shouted, "F*** the Chinese government!" Fans in countries where South Park is not banned posted thanks to its creators for standing up to China's pressure over content.

(Apple pulled an app after pressure from China.

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