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6 Wacky Bathroom Upgrades That Are Actually Genius

SPY — Ryan McBride

* Bring spa-level comfort to your bathroom at home
* Snazzy, glamorous and a few just plain silly (but great) restroom fixtures
* Plus, a new way to enjoy music in the shower

Here are some clever bathroom and get-ready upgrades that, wacky as they seem, are actually pretty useful, from ways to make your shower more memorable to glitzy toilet seats that make the throne into, well, a throne.

1. Spa Bath Pillow

Turn your bathtub into an even more relaxing home oasis with a grippy, comfortable, waterproof spa pillow. It suction cups to the tub, and it adjustable for whatever height you prefer.Buy: Spa Pillow $15.99


2. Shower Beer Holder

It may be hard to find a pool party in the middle of winter, but you can always pretend. Turn your shower into more of a place to get sloshed with this convenient shower beer holder.


3. Freestanding Towel Holder and Toilet Paper Dispenser

Not all bathrooms have convenient built-ins; set things to rights with this clever, cool-looking combination freestanding towel holder and toilet paper-dispenser.Buy: Toilet Paper Holder $19.99


4. Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

You’ve heard of singing in the shower, now get ready for… the singing shower head. This Bluetooth-speaker shower head not only dispenses water, but also music. Cue up your favorite karaoke tracks and enjoy.Buy: Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head $29.99


5. Elongated Anti-Odor Toilet Seat

This high-tech toilet seat includes a replaceable activated carbon filter that absorbs and neutralizes odors from every flush.Buy: Kohler Odor Neutralizing Toilet Seat $64.28


6. Metallic Flecked Toilet Seat Cover

This gold metallic design toilet seat brings a new level of rococo gliz to one of the most important seats in any home.


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