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The Ultimate SPY Guide to Dating and Relationships

SPY — Destynee Powell

* Need dating or relationship advice? We’ve got you covered
* From anniversary gift ideas to people you should never, ever date
* An ideal guide for those looking for love or who are in love

Whether you’ve met the love of your life or are still scouring the dating apps to weed out the creeps, you’ve come to the right place. From the best places to propose to the types of people you should never, ever date, read on to uncover the latest advice on all things dating and relationships.


The Best Books To Improve Your Love Life


If you’re in a relationship, married, or even living the single life, you know that maintaining a healthy love life can be a challenge. Regardless of whether you’re attached or swiping through dating apps to find the one, balancing work, a social life, and making time for matters of the heart can feel like a second job. These 6 books will help you gain new perspectives on love and relationships, regardless of your current status.


People You Should Never Date


In the world of online dating, more and more people are diving into the unknown in hopes of seeking a potential bae. Romance aside, it’s important to stay safe and diligent with who you meet online and it’s also vital that you’re able to identify individuals you should avoid altogether. See our roundup below to find out how to spot 5 types of toxic people you should never, ever date.


Most Romantic Places in America to Pop the Question


We’re months shy of what people call “engagement season,” (yes, it’s a thing) which begins in Thanksgiving and lasts through Valentine’s Day. Get a head start with your proposal plans if you’re planning to pop the question this year with these romantic destinations.


Products to Help You Weather a Long Distance Relationship


Long-distance relationships can be tough. It’s especially difficult when the only form of contact you have is through your computer, tablet or phone. Don’t give up on love just yet because we’ve rounded up 7 one-of-a-kind products to help you and your long-distance love feel connected even when you’re oceans apart.


The Best Anniversary Gifts for Women


An anniversary is an important time of the year for most relationships. To help inspire a memorable occasion, you’ll find 10 great ideas for a special anniversary gift below. Whether your special lady prefers jewelry, comfortable clothing or even a fun-filled journal all about your relationship, these thoughtful gift ideas will get your day of love off to a positive start.


Books to Read Before Taking The Next Step With Your S.O.


It’s often said that if relationships aren’t moving forward, they’re moving backwards. While every couple is different, the next step for you and your partner may be moving in together, getting married, buying a shared pet or something as simple as exchanging keys. Whatever the next move may be, being fully informed and prepared for the change is crucial. Here are five books offering different perspectives on commitment and relationships with plenty of helpful tips to consider before taking that leap.


The Best 10th Anniversary Gifts For Her


Congratulations! You and your spouse made it to the 10-year mark and this achievement certainly deserves recognition, celebration and a fabulous gift. Traditionally, the 10th year of marriage is marked with tin or aluminum – materials that represent the strength and durability needed to sustain a loving union. We’ve rounded up the best 10th anniversary gifts (both traditional and non-traditional) for your special lady that shows just how grateful you are for her.


Real-Life Horror Stories About Modern Dating


Tinder Nightmares by Elan Gale will have you in hysterics over truly epic Tinder fails. Based on the popular Instagram account with the same name, it captures real life conversations potential couples have exchanged over the app.


How to Find The Good Guys, According to a Relationship Coach


We caught up with Judith Joshel, a former divorce attorney and mediator who became weary of dealing with failed relationships. She wanted to help women recover from heartbreak and create loving and healthy relationships, so she became a Certified Professional Life Coach. Head to link below to check out our interview with her.