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This $10 Kitchen Hack Lets You Make Brunch-Worthy Avo Toast

SPY — Melissa Maize

* Avocados are a super food packed with health benefits
* This tool will help you make delicious avocado toast in a snap
* Impress your friends by topping it with an Instagrammable poached egg

There is perhaps no other trendier dish than the now Instagram-famous Avocado Toast. Your favorite brunch spots, from your local coffee shop to the swankiest hotels, are all serving this dish. And for good reason- aside from being delicious, avocados are incredibly healthy, containing two grams of protein and fifteen grams of healthy fats. Did you know they also contain more potassium than a banana? SPY has found an ingenious device that will allow you to make Insta-worthy avocado toast in the comfort of your home without the hassle or the mess. This hacky kitchen tool contains two essential tools- one to make light, sumptuous poached eggs, and one to quickly de-stone, scoop and slice an avocado.

Made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, this poaching tool will help you maintain the egg’s shape, and ensure an even cook. The avocado tool also allows you to carve the most out of your avocado, without sacrificing any fingers. All you need to do now is slice and toast your favorite bread, and add whatever seasoning your heart desires- there’s plenty of options, from chimichurii to tomato-basil. Whether you’re using this tool for a quick, healthy weekday breakfast, or looking to impress your friends by hosting the next weekend brunch, there’s plenty of use to be found out of this handy device.


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