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ICE Official: 'There Have Been No Mass Arrests'

Newser — Rob Quinn

The planned raids to round up thousands of migrants subject to deportation orders have been something of a non-event so far, according to a Immigration and Customs Enforcement official.

"This notion that we were going to do this massive sweep—to be honest, there have been limited results so far," the official tells CNN. "There have been no mass arrests." CNN says its source has knowledge of ICE operations in several states.

The official says ICE has been carrying out arrests, as it does every day, but so far, it is "business as usual."

President Trump said Monday that the raids targeting families in 10 cities had started and were "very successful," though the AP notes that rounding people up is a "time-consuming, labor-intensive, and not-always-successful task" for ICE.

The agency says operations against families generally only capture around 10% of the targets. (Some advocates believe ICE is targeting smaller places instead of the cities it was going to raid.)

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