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Meghan Markle Baptized in Intimate Ceremony

Newser — Arden Dier

Meghan Markle is following in the footsteps of her future sister-in-law, having been baptized and confirmed into the Church of England ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry.

Fiance Harry, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla, attended Markle's intimate baptism and confirmation Tuesday in the Royal Chapel at St. James' Palace in London, People reports, citing a report in the Daily Mail.

Prior to her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton was also confirmed into the Church of England in a private service at St. James' Palace.

Joining the Protestant Anglican church, which recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as its head, is "basically a right of passage in the Royal Family," per Bustle.

In Markle's case, the ceremony was performed by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who is helping prepare Prince Harry and Markle for their May 19 wedding at Windsor Castle's St.

George's Chapel, which is where Harry was baptized. Markle, who was raised Episcopalian before attending Catholic school, can now take part in Holy Communion.

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