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Pitcher's Brain Hemorrhages in the Dugout

Newser — Neal Colgrass

A Chicago White Sox pitcher suffered a ruptured aneurysm that caused his brain to hemorrhage during a Friday game in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports. Danny Farquhar, 31, had just given up a double and a homer in an inning of relief against the Houston Astros when he vomited and passed out in the dugout.

Luckily, he got immediate medical attention and was conscious when he left for Rush University Medical Center, where he's in critical but stable condition in intensive care.

Now players have written "D.F. 43" near the front of their ballcaps. "He's alive, he's got a chance, and that's what I'm hanging on to," pitching coach Don Cooper tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

"And prayers are more necessary than talk."

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