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Could Trump Delay Or Cancel The Presidential Election Due To COVID-19?

Wochit Postables
If the coronavirus lockdown remains in place in November, could the presidential election be suspended? According to political experts interviewed by Gizmodo, probably not. Here's what they had to say about voting in a time of coronavirus. Amy Dacey, Executive Director of the Sine Institute of Policy & Politics at American University, explained that a U.S. President cannot change the federal voting law created by Congress, unless Congress changes the federal statute. This law sets the date for the November election every even year. She says "The bigger question might be not moving the election but administering it. That means vote-by-mail, and no-excuse absenteeism." Alan Hirsch, Lecturer in Humanities and Chair of Justice and Law Studies at Williams College, added, " We have no reliable means of dealing with what my book calls 'crises elections.' Daniel Birdsong, Lecturer & Experiential Learning Coordinator, Political Science, University of Dayton, says that states run elections, not the federal government, so there's no one size fits all. “Right now, states have time on their side...that gives states the time to adjust how they will conduct their elections.”