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Kanye West Posts Video of Himself Peeing on His Grammy

Kanye West , Posts Video of Himself Peeing, on His Grammy. In the midst of his Twitter firestorm, the rapper tweeted a video of himself peeing on one of his 21 Grammy Awards. While his face isn’t shown, a pair of cream Yeezy’s can be seen on his feet. Trust me ... I WONT STOP, Kanye West, via Twitter. West has been openly tweeting about his frustrations with the music industry and artists owning their masters. He even released photos of his label contract with Def Jam Music Group, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. 90% of the record contracts on the planet are still on a royalty A standard record deal is a trap to NEVER have you recoup, and there’s all these hidden costs.., Kanye West, via Twitter. ... like the “distribution fees” many labels put in their contracts to make even more money off our work without even trying, Kanye West, via Twitter. Ye has asked numerous other artists, including Taylor Swift, to join him in calling out the industry. THIS MOMENT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOR GOOD ... I FEEL SO HUMBLED AND BLESSED THAT GOD HAS PUT ME IN A STRONG ENOUGH POSITION TO DO THIS ... , Kanye West, via Twitter. ... EVERYONE KEEP PRAYING ... ITS WORKING ... I AM ON MY KNEES THIS MORNING. , Kanye West, via Twitter