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Fox News: Lea Michele's Career May Be Over

Wochit Postables
Is Lea Michele's once bright career over? A PR exec told Fox News that Lea's career could be on the brink of disaster if she doesn’t get her act together. The startling collapse comes after almost a dozen co-stars shared horrific stories of Lea's behavior. Lea has been called out for racism, transphobia, bullying, verbal abuse, and threatening to defecate in her co-stars wigs. Branding and PR expert Eric Schiffer told Fox News the damage may be too severe for Lea to fix. Schiffer says Michele's "horrific" behavior has become "rat poison" for her brand. "This moment in time, I think, is creating a kiss of death to her brand because it's all coming out now." "Some of it is repulsive and is going to bash her brand in the teeth." Former fans have now gotten in on the action on Twitter. Thousands of Lea's fans have turned on her, posted stories detailing her history of abhorrent behavior towards her admirers. The hashtag #LeaMicheleStories is trending on Twitter with over 100,000 tweets. It's quite a feat to trend for bad behavior during a global pandemic and a week of nationwide rioting and civil unrest. The public seems content with canceling Lea. The hashtag #LeaMichelePartyIsOver is trending with close to half a million tweets. Only time will tell if Lea can make a comeback.